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I send out an email 1-3 times each week that discusses some Constitutional issue, using The Federalist Papers as the source of the information.  These often cover current events.

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If you want an easier-to-read version of 1 or 2 Federalist Papers, please go to my catalog page and request them.

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The 10th-grade reading-level edition of The Federalist Papers is available.  This edition is much easier to read than my edition published in 1999.

The price is $26.95, which includes shipping/handling.

Go to the catalog page to order.
In 2010, I published The United States Constitution: Annotated with The Federalist Papers in Modern English

The price is $26.95, which includes shipping/handling.

Go to the catalog page to order.

The Federalist Papers, written immediately following the Constitutional Convention in 1787, explains the precedents and psychology supporting the United States Constitution.  The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two updates the grammar and vocabulary while retaining the original meaning.

The riveting discussion in The Federalist Papers addresses the flaws that doomed previous attempts at self government, issues still being debated in the twenty-first century.  The average citizen's interest in politics is demonstrated by the proliferation of TV news networks, political magazines and newsletters, and news-talk radio.

This book makes the Papers accessible to everyone and includes:

  • subject headings and sub-headings create a complete outline of the Papers,
  • the index may be used with any edition of The Federalist Papers,
  • a glossary,
  • the U.S. Constitution.
It was the Founding Fathers' keen grasp of human psychology and their use of historical examples to make their points that kept Mary Webster working on this new edition of The Federalist Papers and annotated Constitution.

Mary was a political junkie when she started reading the Papers.  She found herself disagreeing with some ideas she heard from politicians and pundits, but she didn't have the background to explain why they were bad ideas.  She was very surprised and delighted to discover that the same discussions she heard on C-SPAN were in The Federalist Papers.


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